DIY Appliance Repair Tips


One way to address an appliance problem is to contact your local home repairman or service technician who is most capable.  Another solution is to do the repair yourself to save money; however, DIY appliance repair can be risky especially if you are dealing with electrical wiring.  So if you don't have the essential knowledge and skill of an accomplished DIYer, better contact a qualified service technician when appliances break down.


Most homeowners are not capable of DIY appliance repair, but there are some minor repairs that can be done by just about anyone.  First of all, it is vital to follow basic safety procedures.  Here are some helpful suggestions for the DIY enthusiast:


Find out if the appliance is still covered by the warranty.  Almost all household appliances come with a warranty but understand that the guarantee can be rendered null and void if the unit is opened by someone who's not authorized by the manufacturer.


Diagnose the problem and determine the replacement parts needed.


If your experience is limited hire a qualified appliance service technician.  A trained appliance repair man can diagnose the problem and he knows where to get the best deal on new appliance parts


Safety is critical when repairing an appliance so always unplug it before opening or disassembling it.


Be sure to have good lighting and plenty of space for working and organizing appliance parts and tools.


When moving a heavy appliance, don't attempt it alone.  Ask for help to avoid being injured or causing further damage to the appliance.


One more rule for effective appliance repair is to use the right tools and follow recommendations provided in the service manual.


Regular cleaning and some periodic maintenance tasks can be performed by the owner; however, in many cases, appliance repair should only be performed by a qualified service technician.


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